Interesting Facts about Luxury hotels

A luxury hotel is a hotel where people enjoy luxury accommodation and assets. People judge the hotels by the stars provided to them. Usually, four and above four stars hotels are said to be luxurious. In addition, these hotels offer a royal experience. However, some facts make these hotels more interesting.
Before starting the facts, let’s hear out a myth,
There is a myth that the hotel key cards hold personal information like address and credit cards. This is never going to happen, and it only contains the information of the room number, check-in date, check-out date, and a simple code. A little card can’t hold so much information.

Burj Al Arab’s Turtle hospital

Burj Al Arab, a luxury hotel built on an artificial island respite for endangered sea turtles. Dubai Turtle Rehabilitation Project( DTRP) is a home for many turtles. Collaborating with Dubai’s Wildlife Protection Office, The Central Veterinary Research Laboratory, and Dubai Falcon Clinic. This project was made to save injured and sick turtles. It also released more than 1600 back to the ocean since 2004.

Luxury hotels

The Rosewood Guangzhou

A hotel located in 1739 ft tall Guangzhou Chow Tai Food Finance Centre, which has top 16 floors, is titled the highest hotel in the world.
Before The Rosewood Guangzhou, the Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong was titled as the highest hotel in the world.

A Palace built with salt blocks?

The Palacio de Sal is a hotel known as the Palace of salt. It is a hotel that is located in Bolivia is entirely made of salt blocks. It is said that visitors are forbidden to lick the walls.

Luxury hotels

The New York City Le Parker Meridien Hotel

Zillion Dollar Lobster Frittata is called the world’s most expensive omelet. The New York City Le Parker Meridien Hotel’s omelet is priced at $1000, including more than half a pound caviar and a full pound of lobster.

Swimming pools of 643 in a single hotel!

Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson is a 5-star hotel located in Port Dickson that holds the Guinness world record of a resort with the most swimming pool. 643 swimming pool are the pool that is larger than 1.5m x 2m. There are many other large bathtubs and hot tubs that are not into consideration.

Luxury hotels

World’s Brightest light

It is strange to hold a record to shoot a light beam to the sky. Measuring 42.3 billion candelas in brightness and can be seen up to 275 miles away, The Luxor Sky Beam shoots this beam towards the sky from the top of Luxor Las Vegas hotel’s main pyramid. It is also known as the strongest beam of light in the world.