Dos and Don’ts in luxury hotels

Luxury hotels are hotels where people maintain professionalism and have a posh nature. There should be discipline maintained. Here are some of the things to do and not to do in luxury hotels.


Allow yourself to get treated with royalty.

Some people have a negative thoughts of “if they get judged” and skip using most luxuries. But, from oversized bathtubs to take baths to beauty spas, there is everything to enjoy, and we are paying for that. We deserve to get the royal service.

Be respectful with the staff and managers.

Respect must be maintained with everyone. You get what you give. Everyone deserves respect, no matter if he is a chef, cleaner, or manager. Speak softly with others and be kind enough to show your gratitude. Add a few phrases like “excuse me,” and “thank you,” so that it leaves a good impression on you.

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Know the contemporaries

It’s better to know what you can take home rather than grabbing everything. Some unique things are kept for you to take home. Different complementaries are given in other hotels.

Dress like an official

It is a 5-star hotel! You can’t wear a regular or casual dress. Your dress code defines you. Cleanliness and proper dressing is the first thing that anyone notices.

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Table manners

When you are sitting for lunch or dinner, the decency in eating and sitting is essential. It shouldn’t look odd to the neighboring guests. So, table manners are crucial.


Keep the selfies to the minimum around celebrities.

Yes, it is important to take pictures when you go out, especially to a luxurious hotel, and find a celebrity. But, remember that they are here for the rest too. They want to have a break from all the fandom and the crowd around them as well. It irritates them if you keep clicking photos or taking selfies. So, don’t be that annoying fan. Maintain your calm, and show your dignity.

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Don’t get too friendly with the staff.

Staffs are usually polite and patient in luxurious hotels. Don’t take it as a “friend” gesture. It’s for their living. You are one of the thousand customers every day. They will be busy too, so don’t get too friendly and start a chat. That might ruin their schedule too. Cut Short sentences and come to the point. Be at a professional distance.

Never keep your room Untidy.

Rooms are all cleaned after a customer’s goodbye. But one thing to be kept in mind is that the impression that leaves after your visit matters. So try being more clean and tidy, which also helps you build your reputation.

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